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Emergency Water
Filtration & Desalination


Manta Ventures, LLC is a leading provider of next-generation  water filtration technology based on a proprietary membrane that converts almost any polluted water into safe, potable drink. 

Water has become a multi-billion dollar worldwide problem...

Access to portable water has become a multi-billion dollar worldwide problem that is growing with each passing day. Although the earth is covered by water, only 2.5% is fresh and the majority of these reserves remain unavailable in the polar ice caps. Each day, over one billion people lack access to safe drink.  For this reason, water borne illness has become the leading cause of death worldwide. On any given day, over 50% of the world’s hospital beds are occupied by people suffering from water-borne disease.*

Imagine creating pure drink from almost any water source, including highly turbid and toxic supply waters. Imagine doing this without pumping, external power, mechanical parts or purifying chemicals.  Our suite of forward osmosis products are so easy to use that even a child can take muddy, life-threatening supply water and turn it into life-sustaining drink.  For these reasons, the US military, relief agencies and families prepared for emergencies look to us for safe water in demanding circumstances.

* Facts supplied by the Pacific Institute for Studies in Development, Environment and Security

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