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Emergency Water
Filtration & Desalination



Manta Ventures is the leading provider of next-generation forward osmosis water filtration technology based on a proprietary membrane that converts almost any polluted water into safe, potable drink.

Perfect for taking on trips and vacations to locations where the water is questionable.  These systems are super lightweight and easily convert the filthiest of water into a safe drink.  Simply place in a sink full of water in your hotel and it will convert any water into a safe drink for you and your family.

HTI HydroPack:  The HydroPack is a one-time-use, self hydrating, emergency hydration pouch. Each 12 fl. oz. (355 ml) pouch is pre-filled with a flavored osmotic agent which, when fully hydrated, becomes an electrolyte enriched drink.

Because the HydroPack is passive, there is no pumping involved.  This is obviously an advantage if the user has been injured or exhausted and would have difficulty operating a pump-style system.

Learn About the HTI HydroPack

How It Works

Simply place the pouch in any water source and it will self hydrate.  The pouch itself is the forward osmosis membrane filter that allows the pouch to draw in water and reject even the harshest contaminants.  The pouch will self-hydrate in approximately 10 hours.  Once hydrated, insert the provided straw through the pouch or simply cut the corner off to consume.

Waterborne disease is often the leading cause of death during natural disasters or civil crisis. The problem of supplying clean fluids in the immediate aftermath of a disaster is one of logistics – water is heavy and difficult to move.  Repairing water systems takes time, as does digging new wells.  During the critical Phase 2 of any disaster, there are few alternatives for victims other than drinking contaminated surface waters.


  • Simplest water filtration system available anywhere
  • The highest purity levels of any personal water filter
  • Non-clogging filter means expanded water source options
  • Dilute sports drink enhances hydration and improves user performance
  • Produces 0.5 liters of drink in 5 hours at 68 F
  • No pumping or electricity required
  • Only system in the world that produces a survival sports drink from any water supply (except for salt water) without the use of electricity, chemicals or any form of pumping
  • Filter will not ever clog


  • Volume: 12 - 17 fl. oz (355-500 ml) drink produced
  • Filter life: one time use
  • Filter output: 12 fl. oz. (355 ml) in 10-12 hours at 68ºF (20ºC)
  • User effort: Simply place in any water source - no work or electricity required for filtering
  • Shelf Life: 5 years
  • Available in: 6 pack, 108 pouch bucket or 402 bulk (67 packs of 6)

Click the image above to read the review given by the 33rd Canadian Brigade Group

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