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Emergency Water
Filtration & Desalination

International Logistics & Freight Services

"Manta Ventures has the experience and the specialized water filtration equipment you need..."

CUSTOMS BROKERAGE - Manta Ventures utilizes a freight forwarding company that provides customs brokerage services for any and all types of shipments. They understand the requirements and the regulations for importing and exporting products. Their experienced and connected customs brokerage team can ensure that all requirements are met to expedite the clearance of your shipment, whatever its destination.

AIR FREIGHT - Through our freight-forwarding provider we are able to offer full airfreight forwarding services to all corners of the globe with specialized services to Central Europe, the Balkans, CIS, Iraq, Afghanistan and the Middle East. They will provide special handling and security services for fragile, dangerous and oversized goods.  Their experienced team of airfreight professionals has the knowledge, contacts and agents to make any shipment happen no matter what the requirements.

OCEAN FREIGHT - Because of our freight-forwarding provider we are able to offer comprehensive import and export ocean container shipping services.  Their extensive network of offices and agents ensures that they are highly familiar with shipping and customs requirements at ports of entry in every country.

TRUCKING/ SURFACE FREIGHT - Through the Manta Ventures freight-forwarding provider we are able to offer top-quality freight shipping services on all types of surface movements, by truck or rail.  No matter how large or small a shipment may be this freight forwarding team has the market knowledge and connections to arrange your shipments.  With staff and agents located all around the world they can make all pick-ups, transport and delivery arrangements on our behalf.

DOOR-TO-DOOR SHIPPING - When your cargo arrives in-country we have the professionals to off load and warehouse it. Our people then coordinate, with your on-the-ground program managers for secure delivery to its final destination via flatbed or other arranged delivery transport.

CARGO TRACKING REPORTS - Our tracking system allows Manta Ventures to view the current status of any consignment in transit.  The information displayed on the system is the latest data provided by our shippers for the shipment in question.


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